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Studies have shown environmental stress, health of deer, nutrition availability, age, and genetics are some of the determining factors relating to the size of deer and their antler growth. Bradigan's Wildlife Feeds has developed an ideal vitamin-mineral supplement that can be used to help control these variables by substantially increasing health, age, reproductive success rates and overall size of deer and their antlers. Bradigan's has never and will never use animal by-products in any of its feeds. The idea is to keep the deer healthy by giving it the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals. By doing this, the deer will have healthy bodies, healthy bones and strong antlers.
Bradigan's Deer Mineral is a vitamin-mineral supplement program.
Bradigan's has spared no expense in supplying you with the finest quality of vitamins and minerals. We have carefully calculated the ingredients to provide you with the most beneficial quantities available.
Bradigan's Deer Mineral is a granular mineral supplement.
Deer naturally migrate to the ground to get their supply of food and minerals. The loose granular form of this product is made to mix with the ground through the effects of weather and presence of deer activity.
Bradigan's creates a heavier, larger deer and increases antler size.
This mineral mix provides calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. All the essential minerals needed to promote rapid body and antler growth.

The supplement vitamin-mineral program will also better the overall health of deer.
The mineral mix will be supplying many of the much needed vitamins and minerals that are in scarce quantity during times of high environmental stress.